NEW YORK STATE FLAG… New & Improved for 2015


The Largest NYS flag flying in New York…

Saratoga Flag Company had the proud honor of updating the New York State Seal, in order to manufacture the largest known New York State Flag, to fly in New York State!

DEDICATED ARTISTS:  Our professional artists spent hundreds of hours re-drawing the New York State Seal (Coat of Arms) from scratch, in order to stitch up a Custom 11 FT x 17 FT NYS flag to fly on a 60 FT flagpole in the City of Glens Falls (Upstate New York).  The Life-sized Goddesses, “Liberty & Justice,” stand 6ft tall on the flag.

HISTORIC LOCATION:  Saratoga Flag is located in Gansevoort New York, which holds another special tie to the New York State Flag (originally designed during the Revolutionary War).  The hamlet of Gansevoort (located in Saratoga County, just 20 miles north of the Historic Saratoga Battlefield)  is named for the American Revolutionary War Colonel Peter Gansevoort, who ordered construction of the “Gansevoort Flag”  in 1777.  This flag is believed to be the inspiration for the New York State flag and can be found at the Albany Institute of History & Art.

Gansevoort Flag at Albany Institute of History & Art

ORDER THE NEW NYS FLAG:  The Updated NYS Flag design can be purchased (in a variety of sizes) exclusively at  Call for more information (518) 792-1776.

INTERPRETATION OF THE NYS SEAL (courtesy of Wiki-pedia):     According to Joseph Gavit in New York History, Volume XXXI, the seal symbolizes the following:

  • In the center, a shield reveals the sun rising behind Mount Beacon over the Hudson River. “The shield symbolizes in the full sun the name and idea of Old York and the old world; the mountains, river and meadow, with the ships, convey the name and idea of New York in the new world.”
  • To the right, Justice is ready to fight tyranny with her sword held high.
  • Liberty on the left, holds her foot on the overthrown English Crown. “This New York is supported by Justice and Liberty, and discards monarchy.”
  • The world globe is displayed above the shield. “By exhibiting the eastern and western continents on the globe, the old and new are brought together;”
  • Above the world globe soars the eagle. “while the eagle on the crest proclaims,” Westward the course of empire takes its way.”
  • The bottom ribbon exclaims “Excelsior,” which means “still higher” or “ever upward.”


NYSflag_Front_PresidentialCampaign_2016 NYSflag_Back_PresidentialCampaign_2016



About Saratoga Flag, A Broadway Banner and Graphics Co, LLC is a quality custom flag and banner manufacturer located in Saratoga County, NY. We carry the region's largest inventory of American-made U.S. flags, flagpoles and accessories. Additional services include custom vehicle lettering, magnetic vehicle signs, commercial & residential flagpoles and flagpole installations. Professional Artists Manufacturing in Upstate New York Since 1994.
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