Happy New Year 2017

unclesameagle2017 FLAG FLYING HOLIDAYS

The U.S. flag may be flown every day, especially on the following:

  • January 1:  New Year’s Day
    January 16:  Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday

    January 20:  Presidential Inauguration

    February 12:  Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

    February 20:  President’s Day

    February 22:  George Washington’s Birthday

    April 16:  Easter Sunday

    May 8:  V-E Day

    May 14:  Mother’s Day

    May 20:  Armed Forces Day

    May 29: Memorial Day (Observed)

    May 30:  Memorial Day (Traditional)

    June 14:  Flag Day

    June 18:  Father’s Day

    July 4:  Independence Day

    August 7:  Purple Heart Day

    August 14:  V-J Day

    August 19:  National Aviation Day

    September 4:  Labor Day

    September 11:  Patriot Day

    September 17:  Constitution day

    October 9:  Columbus Day

    October 27:  Navy Day

    November 7:  Election Day

    November 10: Marine Corps. Day

    November 11: Veterans Day

    November 23: Thanksgiving Day

    December 7:  Pearl Harbor Day

    December 25:  Christmas Day


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SaratogaFlag.com, A Broadway Banner and Graphics Co, LLC is a quality custom flag and banner manufacturer located in Saratoga County, NY. We carry the region's largest inventory of American-made U.S. flags, flagpoles and accessories. Additional services include custom vehicle lettering, magnetic vehicle signs, commercial & residential flagpoles and flagpole installations. Professional Artists Manufacturing in Upstate New York Since 1994.
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