President’s Week – A Time to Reflect Upon History

American Presidential InaugurationOn January 20th, 2017, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, was sworn into office at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC.

This week schools nation-wide take holidays to Celebrate the Birthdays of George Washington (#1) and Abraham Lincoln (#16).  A number of our readers have indicated that they will be spending President’s Week reflecting upon the previous men to hold the Title of President of The United States of America.

18th Century:    1. George Washington;   2. John Adams

19th Century:   3. Thomas Jefferson
4. James Madison abraham-lincoln-with-american-flag-painting
5. James Monroe
6. John Quincy Adams
7. Andrew Jackson
8. Martin Van Buren
9. William Henry Harrison
10. John Tyler
11. James K. Polk
12. Zachary Taylor
13. Millard Fillmore
14. Franklin Pierce
15. James Buchanan
16. Abraham Lincoln
17. Andrew Johnson
18. Ulysses S. Grant
19. Rutherford B. Hayes
20. James Garfield
21. Chester A. Arthur
22. Grover Cleveland
23. Benjamin Harrison
24. Grover Cleveland
25. William McKinley

20th Century:  26. Theodore Roosevelt
27. William Howard Taft
28. Woodrow Wilson
29. Warren G. Harding
ronaldreagan-kissingusaflag30. Calvin Coolidge
31. Herbert Hoover
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt
33. Harry S. Truman
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower
35. John F. Kennedy
36. Lyndon B. Johnson
37. Richard M. Nixon
38. Gerald R. Ford
39. James Carter
40. Ronald Reagan
41. George H. W. Bush
42. William J. Clinton

21st Century:  43. George W. Bush
44. Barack Obama
45. Donald J. Trump

Ever wonder how many of these men have a Presidential Library in their name?

Answer:  There are 14 Presidential Libraries that can be viewed online via The National Archives.

For those in our region of Upstate New York (The State Capital of Albany), it is only a one hour drive to the FDR Library in Hyde Park, where we (Saratoga Flag) have had the honor to work on the Pearl Harbor Exhibit in 2016.

Locally, Saratoga County, is the home to Grant Cottage, the location of President Grant’s death on July 23, 1885, and where he completed his memoirs.  Enjoy taking some time this week to Explore the Nation’s past.

About Saratoga Flag, A Broadway Banner and Graphics Co, LLC is a quality custom flag and banner manufacturer located in Saratoga County, NY. We carry the region's largest inventory of American-made U.S. flags, flagpoles and accessories. Additional services include custom vehicle lettering, magnetic vehicle signs, commercial & residential flagpoles and flagpole installations. Professional Artists Manufacturing in Upstate New York Since 1994.
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